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The Red Sox will retire Ortiz’s No. 34 at Fenway Park on June 23. pro MLB jerseys 

The Red Sox will retire Ortiz’s No. 34 at Fenway Park on June 23.

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One of the first things Farrell said in his introductory news conference upon being named manager of the Red Sox in 2012 was his aggressive mindset on the bases.

Bogaerts would have hit second in the alignment that had Benintendi in the three-hole. “This was the dilemma with David Ortiz hitting three or four a year ago or previous years. You’re looking for your most complete hitter — or your most productive hitter — to come up in that first inning,” said Farrell. “And in that case right now, that would be Mookie. There’s some balance to all that.”

“It’s part of every Spring Training, part of the mindset we create,” Farrell said. “If those opportunities exist, regardless of who is at the plate absent of David, we may be a bit more aggressive in those spots.” Farrell often talks about smart aggression. He said the Red Sox should have a minimum of a 75 percent success rate when stealing.

Carpenter made two such attempts on Wednesday, and the second was not only successful, it keyed the Cardinals’ three-run fifth in a 6-1 win over the Dodgers. Carpenter has looked for similar openings all season, but this time, he was able to take advantage of the fact that the Dodgers employed a different shift than most other teams.

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“That’s something on the agenda,” said Red Sox president Sam Kennedy from the team’s Winter Weekend on Saturday. “We’re going to talk about what he may or may not want to do.” Ortiz could end in a hybrid role where he works with young players and serves as an ambassador for the organization on multiple fronts. Red Sox chairman Tom Werner, Kennedy and president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski will be part of the delegation that spends time with Big Papi next week.

Given Papi’s passion for the game, it’s widely expected he’ll remain a frequent presence around the Red Sox and baseball at large. “He’s got such charisma and energy,” said Kennedy. “I truly don’t know what is on his mind. He’ll obviously be good at whatever he decides to do. But I would hope that we could create a role where he has influence in the baseball operations side and influence in marketing as an ambassador. “With a lot of  cheap mlb jerseys our alums we’ve found, the thing they enjoy the most is working with young players. Pedro [Martinez] is a perfect example of that. So we’ll see what he’s interested in doing, but I have heard him talk about broadcasting in the past, and I think he’d be great if he decides to do it.”

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What did Ortiz tell him about life as a DH?
I had a friend back home that was in an accident, and he died because we didn’t have an ambulance. I decided to start my foundation, and since then, we’ve saved a lot of lives. I hear from people back home that the ambulances have done a great job. That’s something that you want to hear. It makes me really proud when somebody comes and says, “Thank you.” We’ve helped people in a lot of different ways. When you save a life or you help somebody and they come to you and say “Thank you,” when you see the result later, that’ something that makes me proud. “For the last decade, he’s been a bedrock here,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “He’s been a cornerstone player, and his importance continues to grow. As players have moved on, Pedey is still the one guy who’s still in his prime and has had a fantastic Spring Training. Even for a guy with his stature here in Boston, the number of years he’s been here, he’s still growing daily as the leader of our team and is more and more comfortable in that role.” red-sox-34-david-ortiz-white-new-cool-base-with-retirement-patch-stitched-mlb-jersey

“He told me that someday, you’re going to get crazy because all you can do is hit, and when things are not going good, what can you do?” said Ramirez. “You just go out there and try not to think about it until your next at-bat. Honestly, he told me at first it’s going to be a little hard, because when you can play defense, you can help the team in two ways. But DH, it’s pretty much just offense, but I’ve just got to find a way to separate between those at-bats and cheer from the dugout.”

The Tigers lost a winnable game Sunday, and fans reacted with predictable panic and dread. In Detroit, there’s no such thing as an isolated bullpen meltdown. Even in April, a spoiled lead evokes the image of David Ortiz swatting Joaquin Benoit’s splitter into the Fenway Park bullpen during the 2013 playoffs.

In short, Jones is one of the great things about this game and about our country, a national treasure. His phenomenal catch in the World Baseball Classic will stand as one of the highlights of this season. Jones then returned to the Orioles and led them to another fast start, a start in which they’ve impressed an entire sport with their attention to detail and bulldog competitive fire.

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